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Introduction to Internet Marketing

Last year, almost two and a half billion people used the internet for entertainment or business. The internet has accelerated the pace of globalization, bringing commerce from all parts of the globe into a central meeting point. The internet allows for nearly unlimited business opportunity, but it is also a ruthless frontier of instant competition and fly-by-night operations. Internet marketing is an exciting world to enter, but not without the proper tools and knowledge. There is much money to be made on the world-wide-web, and this multi-part article will give you the foundational skills you need to succeed with your very own internet business.


Working from Home

When you entered the business world, did you imagine that you would be pulling a 9 to 5 for the rest of your life? No amount of compensation makes the drudgery of the working world any better, and many employees spend their entire working lives looking for an escape plan. Working from home is a supplement and an alternative to the traditional grind, allowing you to seize control of your own income potential by marketing yourself as a professional and a business owner.

Working from home takes an entrepreneurial mindset, an attention to time-management, and a desire to succeed. Some of the most successful internet marketers of all time were driven into the profession by desperation, searching in vain for some way to alleviate the boredom of their regular careers.


What Types of Opportunities are there?

When you start searching for opportunities to work from home, you will rapidly become an expert at weeding out the spam from the legitimate businesses. You can safely disregard anything that promises you instant wealth and unimaginable riches; working from home is not a shortcut to great wealth but merely a method to apply your own initiative and hard work. Throughout this website, you will find advice and actionable steps that relate to the following types of opportunities.

  • Starting your own e-commerce business to sell a product or service

  • Utilizing your professional skills as an online freelancer

  • Buying and selling domain names based on keyword research

  • Creating content-driven websites to build ad revenue

  • Utilizing landing pages and lead generation as an affiliate marketer

  • Creating email lists and selling leads/contact information to local businesses

  • Working on internet-based projects through Mechanical Turk and Microlancer

  • Utilizing wage arbitrage as a freelance manager


Prerequisites to Becoming an Internet Success

While internet marketing has an inherently low barrier to entry, requiring only a minimal startup investment in capital and labor, there are a few pre-requisites that are important before you begin.

  1. A working grasp of English – there are millions of international freelancers and internet marketers from all over the world, but the most successful speak English fluently and are able to deal with clients from around the globe.


  1. A consistent internet connection – you must have access to the internet on a regular basis, and you (ideally) should have an internet connection that does not meter and charge you based on your bandwidth. Internet marketing will also be profoundly difficult if you are behind a national firewall, such as exists in China and much of the Middle East.


  1. Basic HTML – this is a controversial pre-requisite, especially with the proliferation of website builders and content management systems. However, if you do not have any experience with the basic building blocks of the internet, specifically CSS and HTML, even minor adjustments to templates and landing pages will take hours. Being able to understand and tweak the framework that you use for website development will greatly increase your mastery of internet marketing.


A Mental Exercise

Where do you want to be in five years? What about ten years?

When people think about their future, they can be divided into two main types. Some people are destined to settle. Settlers see themselves in a role with stability, even if it means accepting a destiny that is less than ideal. Settlers want to have families, they want long-term career security, and they want their lives to continue much as they always have. Dreamers take risks. Dreamers see themselves being wildly successful, and anything less would be a failure.

If you are a dreamer, working from home might be for you. You will never find stability, as your job will revolve around constantly changing technologies and methods, and you will work arduous hours while you get your business off the ground. However, unlike the settlers, there is no limit to the success that you can achieve.

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