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Internet marketing attracts thousands of new professionals every year because it offers a mixture of flexibility and entrepreneurial challenge.  Your ability to succeed as an internet marketer is entirely on your shoulders, and you are responsible for the way that your business evolves.  For many marketers, internet marketing provides a much-needed respite from the daily 9-5 grind at office jobs.  With an understanding of efficiency and outsourcing techniques, you can multiply your own efficiency and you can be well on your way to a part-time job with a full-time income.

Organizing your Day

If your goal is to achieve maximum productivity with the minimum time investment possible, your first step should be to streamline your work-day.  Everyone operates at different levels of alertness throughout the day; some people are far more alert in the mornings while other people get their best work done late at night.  You also need to find a workplace where you can get work done, uninterrupted, away from the distractions of your home.  Some people do well with home offices that close off from the rest of the house, but I prefer to work in an environment that is dedicated to that purpose such as a co-working facility or in a leased office space.

Task Prioritization

Maximizing your personal productivity means finding the tasks that only you can do, and then doing them quickly and efficiently.  For most internet marketers, the vast majority of the daily workload can be offloaded to contractors, employees, and freelancers.  What remains are the management tasks and communication with vendors, affiliates, and the various freelancers that you must coordinate.

Keeping yourself prioritized is far easier with productivity software like Basecamp or Trello.  These software suites will keep you from becoming sidetracked, and they will help you see exactly where your contractors and employees are making progress and where they might need a bit more guidance.  When I sit down for the day, my work day consists primarily of management, answering emails, and finding new business opportunities that I can add to my current workload.


Depending on how much you value your own time, outsourcing might actually save you money in the long run.  For example, if you begin internet marketing after leaving a job that paid you $20 per hour, your time is worth roughly $20 an hour – so paying a freelancer $3 an hour to do classified ad posting is saving you labor and money.  Outsourced labor can also do far more work than you could do in the same amount of time, and outsourced laborers are often more skilled and better able to accomplish some tasks (like coding and development work) depending on your personal background and technical familiarity.

Let’s say that your primary money-making website was a technology-news blog that brought in the majority of its money through advertising and through an Amazon affiliate program.  Every day you would briefly glance at the statistics for your site, you would thumb through the site to see if there were any major changes that needed to be made, and you would spend a couple minutes touching base with your account representative (if you have one).  The majority of the work on your site could be easily outsourced.  Link-building and social bookmarking could be automated or farmed out to extremely cheap laborers in different countries – while the content writing could be contracted out on a piece-by-piece basis with a local content writer or a site like Textbroker.  

Avoiding Routine

One of the most important aspects of internet marketing as a full time job is avoiding the “daily routine” that can lead to complacency. Every internet marketing business, even ones that seem like they will continue bringing in money forever, has an expiration date.  The internet is changing, technology is evolving, and your successful businesses are gradually becoming obsolete little by little.  If you don’t try to create something new every day, and you let the routine suck you in and drain your time and energy, you will lose the “edge” that makes internet marketers so flexible and profitable.


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