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While internet marketers are acutely aware of the need for great content and unique design for their most important web properties, there are also plenty of occasions when you just want to roll out quick sites based on templates with relatively low quality content.  Whether you are just creating filler sites to occupy domain names that you snatched up at auction, or building micro-blogs on long-tail keywords to see if the traffic meets your expectations, this guide will give you tips on creating fast websites so you can start taking over the internet one hour at a time.

Install WordPress

Sure, there are plenty of CMS systems out there that offer basic functionality and a reasonably good suite of website building tools.  However, for the sheer ease of making micro-blog sites, nothing beats WordPress.  Not only is WordPress free, but you have access to the enormous repository of plugins and add-ons that can extend the functionality of your installation with SEO tools and contact forms.  


Once you have a “clean” installation of WordPress, along with the various themes and plugins that you plan on using, it’s time to duplicate that installation to the majority of your websites.  Most hosting providers will be more than happy to show you how to duplicate a complete WordPress director – and you should use one basic WordPress setup (same theme, same plug-ins) for your micro blogs because it will reduce the amount of time you spend learning new theme features, updating various plug ins, and trying to figure out the quirks of your installation operation.

Quick Content

For many people, especially non-writers, creating website content is the most time consuming part of a website creation.  Content writing is the bottleneck that keeps website development from being completely automated, but it can definitely be sped up if you are willing to put a little money into your content creation.  If you are doing your content yourself,  it often helps to use spinning software for some of your social bookmarking descriptions and less-important (off-site) content, but you should consider using contractors for your on-site content to make sure that the quality (and SEO value) doesn’t suffer too much.

Textbroker is a good (but pricey) source for content, or you can hire content writers on services like eLance and oDesk.  Content writers usually aren’t that expensive, although “budget” writers in developing countries will not have English skills good enough to create fluent articles that will make sense to readers as well as search engines.

Fast Indexing

There isn’t a lot that you can do to speed the indexing of your sites, but you can make it easier for the various ‘spiders’ and ‘robots’ to find your pages by using plugins that generate XML maps of your site, and plugins that ping different URLs with your site to generate trackbacks.  You should also get your sites off to a good start with a bookmarking service, using your social media accounts to quickly generate some traffic and to build quality backlinks on social media sites.

What Sites to Produce Quickly?

There are plenty of different sites that you might want to produce quickly – dependent largely on your target markets.  For example, sometimes registrars run sales where you can pick up the first year of your .com registration for $2-3, a great deal if you can snap up a few hundred domains that you want to ‘test’ for advertising potential.  With these cheap domains, a shared hosting account, and the automation practices above – you can churn out dozens of micro-niche websites every day.

The point of micro-niche websites is not to individually make you rich, but they will combine to give you a constant stream of reliable advertising income.  Eventually, once your sites are all established, you can even use them for direct income production by selling banners, text links, and other blog network services to other internet marketers!


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