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Internet marketing is an exciting and fast paced world where many will make their fortunes in the next several years.  On the other hand, being a self-employed internet marketer will stress you constantly, and there are many downsides to taking the entrepreneurial path in life.  Many beginning internet marketers worry about taking on internet marketing full-time, but there are many different full-time jobs that you can utilize internet marketing skills with on a full-time basis.  Starting your career as an internet marketer still affords you “fall back” opportunities in a high paying career field with hundreds of different firms that are actively recruiting.  Being employed by another firm might not give you the flexibility of self-employment, but the guaranteed paycheck and benefits can be a deal maker.

Internet Marketing Agencies

First on the list of career fields for experienced internet marketers – there are dozens of top-tier marketing agencies that do a great deal of SEO and web development work and are always looking for both full-time and contract employees.  In these agencies, you will mostly be helping with the marketing efforts of large brands, especially enterprise-level companies that have huge marketing budgets and far-reaching internet presences.  This will give you a good grasp of the scale of internet marketing in the largest firms, and the salaries are usually relatively high.  Expect to be paid commensurate with your experience level – although even entry level positions (SEO optimization, etc.) are still relatively competitive and highly sought after.

Web Development and Design

As an internet marketer, it is imperative that you achieve at least a passing familiarity with the various coding languages that make up the internet and its websites.  For more technically minded people, the depth that you can get into database creation and scripting is exciting and lucrative, as you can land very high paying jobs in web development if you want to go back into the private sector.  Web design, a more “graphics” oriented career field is also high paying and constantly growing, it takes a talent with Photoshop and an understanding of the design principles that my good websites work.

Traditional Sales and Marketing

For many internet marketers, the daily computer-centric tasks are overwhelming and ultimately are the reason for their exit from the profession.  Internet marketing is a very tech-heavy industry, and some people are driven away by the coding and the scripting necessary for success.  If you are the kind of person that is more interested in face-to-face sales and the “people” focused parts of internet marketing, you might see more success in traditional sales and marketing jobs.  These jobs look favorably on your time as an internet marketer since it shows the ability to self-start campaigns and projects, and they can be found in nearly every industry.  Sales positions are especially flexible, and they are entrepreneurial as well since you can set your own schedule and your performance level is directly correlated to your salary at the end of the year.

Marketing Management Positions

As an internet marketer, you will gain experience managing projects ranging from single websites to massive affiliate operations.  You will use Trello, Basecamp, and other project management systems to coordinate freelancers and contract employees all over the world. These skills will place you way ahead of your peers if you choose to parlay your internet marketing experience into a position as a marketing director or marketing programs manager at another company.  You can use the same skills that you learned as a self-employed internet marketer to succeed in nearly any industry.



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