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eMobile Code was initially launched on 5th May 2014 by Bill McKnight with backing from Ronnie Montano. And there you have it – this is the only positive statement I can make about this product. As usual, with any product launch, you can expect to see hundreds, if not thousands, of positive reviews. In fact, if you were to visit any search and type in “eMobile Code Review” you will be greeted by these many fantastic and positive reviews. However, if you were to take a step back for just one moment, you will surely notice that each and every one of these reviews discusses what a brilliant product this is, but there is absolutely no substance to any of these reviews.

What do I mean by this? Well, from what I can see the majority of reviews talk about what a great product this is, how fantastic the software is, the fact that you can get free viral traffic via certain apps, how you require zero technical skills, how you receive thousands of dollars of free gifts when you sign up... need I go on? Okay, let me set the record straight here once and for all – if you are looking to make money online it is no different (in terms of the work required) to setting up a business and making money offline. The only real difference is the fact that online you have access to far more potential customers, although this does largely depend on how you market yourself.

Unfortunately, for many years now unscrupulous marketers have tried to “sell the dream”. The fact that you can sit around all day in your PJs, click a couple of buttons, go off for a few hours, maybe sit in the garden and crack open a few beers, and when you finally return to your PC you’ll find you have a few hundred dollars in your bank account. To make matters worse, hundreds and thousands of people who come online to make a living believe this total crap. Now don’t get me wrong, the above scenario is actually very possible, but this will typically involve having to build a successful business from the very bottom, usually requiring months, if not years of hard work.

Let Me Go a Little off Subject for just a Moment

The way on which money could be made by a push-button system (in its simplest form) is as follows – you start a blog or website about a subject which is of interest to you. You spend time researching the subject, you write about the subject on a regular basis. You promote the articles on your blog or website via various channels in the hope that people will be interested in what you have written. You start an email list, whereby you regularly offer free content, material of even physical products to keep your readers interested. While all this is happening you still have to keep churning out great content and once again you must promote this content. If what you provide is pretty good you will eventually gain a following of loyal readers – this could take at the bare minimum a few months, but in most cases, years.

Once you are in a position of having thousands and thousands of loyal readers you may then consider releasing a product, which obviously you will have to create, which again takes time and hard work. You then release this product to your email list by writing a simple email and clicking send. Let’s say you are selling the product for $30, you have an email list of 10,000 people, and then within 24 hours of sending your email 500 of your readers decide to purchase this product, you have then made $15,000 in 24 hours. What you really need to understand is that to get to this stage you have probably put in a number of years very hard work without ever seeing a payday anywhere near this amount. To believe that you can purchase a product and then make this kind of money within your first week, first month, and perhaps even your first year, well I’m sorry to tell you – you need a reality check!

Back onto the Subject of eMobile Code

Okay, apologies, but I just had to get that out of my system. However, in the cold light of day, I know there will be people who will read the two paragraphs above and immediately click away from this review – the reason - the reason is that some people would rather make themselves feel better by reading over-hyped trash in the hope that they can make money online by doing sweet F.A.

So What Exactly is eMobile Code?

As you may have guessed by the constant use of the word “mobile”, both on the product sales page and the thousands of “positive” reviews for this product this is all about mobile websites and mobile marketing. You may be aware that there are now more smartphones in the world then laptops and PCs so it seems like natural progression that online marketers should try their hand at mobile marketing. In summary, the product is about setting up mobile-friendly websites and then blasting out emails to mobile phone users. Just in case you weren’t aware, this is spam. There are a number of training videos which supposedly teach the user how to set everything up and then you can harness the power of the biggest social media website via the Facebook app. This, basically, is the long and short of this product.

However, as easy as this sounds trust me it’s not. To be completely honest with you this is as far as I want to go into this product because there is no real substance to it whatsoever. Firstly, the sales video is one of the most embarrassing, condescending and useless sales videos I have ever had the displeasure to watch. There is constant mention of the word “free” and how “easy” it was to make money. Firstly, the product isn’t free, it costs $49. To make matters worse, it is said that that the product was initially designed to be sold for $997. Now I’m no expert, but if you’ve designed a product to be sold for $997 why in the hell would you sell it for a mere $49? Secondly, the sales page has the figure of $99 crossed out before the price of $49 is quoted. These are simple marketing techniques to make the reader believe they are getting an unbelievable deal – no you’re not!

Once you sign up you will be offered a wealth of different upsells, downsells, and additional products. If you were to purchase every single additional product on offer you will be spending within the region of $500. The initial product talks about how you can easily make $500 or $1,000 a day, with the potential to earn $500,000 or $1,000,000 a year. So I’m guessing that the upsells and so on are only really intended for those of you who can’t live off $1,000,000 a year and require more money! (Please excuse my use of sarcasm and irony). You can then claim your “Bonus 5 free mobile websites”, which are exactly that, 5 free websites. However, you will require hosting for these websites and there just so happens to be a handy affiliate link from the product owners to web hosting from HostZilla. This should cost you in the region of $300 over the period of a year, and of course the owners are making commissions from you, as you have purchased the hosting via their affiliate link.

You are then required to sign up to various providers again for you “mobile codes”, which once again will cost you money, and the list goes on. So basically for your $49 you receive a few “training” videos, which are huge on hype, but lacking in material, a few free websites that you can do absolutely nothing with unless you have hosting, and not a lot more. To make matters worse if you click off the sales page you will be asked to stay on the page, if you accept you will then be taken to a second sales page, which tells you that you’re making a “huge mistake” and funnily enough eMobile Code is then offered to you for a mere $19 on this page. This scenario can actually go on until you are offered a “sneak peek” of the product for $9. Yes, it all makes sense now – a $997 product being offered for $9!

To make matters worse there is the usual spiel on the sales page about refunds etc. The basic 60 day, fully guaranteed, full refund. However, the product is being sold through Clickshare and once you arrive at the affiliates’ page for eMobile Code you will see that as an affiliate you are onto a winner, as there are NO REFUNDS offered with this product. I have spoken to a few people who have purchase the product and requested a refund, and still months down the line they have received nothing. With that being said, HostZilla in the majority of cases have been more than happy to refund the hosting fees that people have paid to host their “free” websites.

There are also a number of other bonuses apparently on offer with eMobile Code – you get a free call with an “Upstart Specialist”. This sounds great, as you feel as though you will have someone to guide you through the product, help you get started, and show you the various ways in which to make money. The phone call is nothing more than someone trying to get you to sign up to other products, which you “require” hence costing you more money. There is a special “Members Only Training Area”, which makes it sound as though you are getting something more for free because you chose to sign up. To me, these videos were extremely cheesy, along the same lines of the initial video found on the sales page and yet again they provide links to other products which you “must have” to make eMobile Code a success. Guess what? Yep, these products will also cost you more money to purchase.

The software and training that is provided is being sold in the initial product as though this will make money for, generate income with nothing more than a click of a button. The actual software app does nothing more than make your websites mobile friendly, that’s it! You are not going to get truckloads of traffic just by making a website mobile friendly, this is the same as a normal website, you still have to promote it and try and get traffic yourself. If you want to use the software to help other webmasters make their websites mobile friendly you still have to go out and find these clients, market to them in the hope that they purchase your service. Finally we a “bonus weekly webinar”, which you think would be a great learning tool. Wrong! These are merely recorded videos, which when you will eventually realize are subtle ways to get you to purchase more upsells.


You know what, the more I write the angrier I can feel myself becoming. In conclusion there is NO “Code” which will make you money with this product. In fact, I would say the only way to make money with this product is to become an affiliate and sell it to other unsuspecting members of the public who truly believe that no work is required and that making money online is as simple as clicking a few buttons. You never know, if a customer of yours buys all the upsells you could be making a few hundred dollars for every sale, but you are selling nothing more than a dream. Once people realize this they will return to your website demanding refunds because they are unable to get one from the product owner.

Look what you do online is down to you and I can’t teach you the difference between right and wrong. The creator’s of this product have simply used a bunch of buzz words to get people hooked and then tried to sell them the dream of doing absolutely nothing to earn money online. I mentioned earlier that all the positive reviews I have read have no substance to them whatsoever, and you may feel that this review has substance to it either... well the reason for this is because the product has absolutely no substance to it in any way shape or form.

I am happy to sit here right now and call this product a complete scam. It is simply about getting into people’s minds, mainly those who have the wring mindset about making a living online, selling them the dream, and then looking to make more money from these poor unsuspecting souls with upsell after upsell. There are literally thousands of great Internet Marketing products online, which provide a wealth of great information and don’t require you purchase product after product. I can’t really say much more about eMobile Code as there isn’t anything else for me to add.

I will finish off by saying that review in its entirety is of course, personal opinion, my personal opinion and nothing more. Perhaps there are people out there who have purchased every single upsell and started making money online (most likely by becoming an eMobile Code affiliate and selling the product), but for me it is a scam and nothing more.

For the purposes of this review I would like to grade eMobile Code


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