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MaxBounty: The Ultimate Maximization of Affiliate Revenue

In order to work in affiliate marketing, you need to be a people person. The whole industry is built on the concept of match making. Match a product or service, to the needs of consumers, and then put the right offer in front of them. It’s a simple process, but for the most part, it’s extremely difficult to get started. The reason being that most new to affiliate marketing will focus on one of the most difficult types of programs available.

The pay per performance affiliate promotions, which you can only earn from when you make a sale. The much simpler way to get started actually earning some income to fund some more long term projects is to seek out some high paying offers from action based programs. CPA does that - otherwise known as Cost per Action marketing.

The solution to earn online without selling anything!

There’s many a CPA network around, and plenty of affiliate networks that offer CPA, alongside other pay per performance based structures. MaxBounty is one of the networks that solely focus on providing affiliate marketers with high paying CPA offers that top some of the most reputable networks around. There is a problem though, or at least the noise around the net supports a myth that there’s a problem. That’s pertaining to the ability to be accepted onto the network.

In order for to get a review of MaxBounty written up, we needed to see how it is they perform. To do that needed approval, and that happened on the same day. The difficult approval is a myth (IMO) as you just need to open communication, explain yourself, and just have a general chat with your rep, and you’ll soon find out if you’re accepted… or if you need to make some changes, you’ll be advised.

For us, there was no issue. We’re all good to go in less than a half hour. That wasn’t on the telephone though. That was signing up, verifying emails, jotting down some questions for calling the rep, putting out a cup of coffee, and getting on the phone. All fun stuff.

Here’s what happens when you go to

You click the link to become a publisher. That takes you to the sign up page, and this is the most important part to your application.

You do not want to miss anything out in this.

One of the neat features of MaxBounty is that every single one of the thousands of approved publishers on the network, all have an allocated account manager. They’re there to help you succeed in the network.

Once you’re approved, and even during your interview, you’re respected. You’re part of the family, and that could be down to the founders being affiliate marketers themselves since 1997. More on that in a bit.

Now I don’t know about you but having a rep there to answer any questions you have, and actually provide personal support is something that’s rare to find in affiliate networks. Unless of course you’re a super affiliate.

Now in order to be accepted onto MaxBounty, you must go through a telephone interview. This is part of their security precautions, to ensure everyone is a real person, and also to get a feel for areas like:

  • Your marketing experience and approach

  • Your goals

  • What you hope to achieve

  • What you want to promote


…But more importantly, that telephone call is going to establish a professional relationship with your own dedicated account manager.

That’s customer support at its finest, IMO.

Here’s the scoop on what you need to fill out, to help your account manager get to know about you.

  • Your name

  • Your company name (if this is applicable)

  • Email to reach you on

  • A password for your account

  • A mobile phone number

  • An alternative number, although I just done the same mobile twice to ensure the house phone wasn't ringing at two in the morning. MaxBounty is based in Canada btw.

  • Give them your time zone, just to be  sure you're not getting called at inappropriate hours

  • Let them know the best time to call you

  • You can give your IM details for Skype, AOL, MSN, or Yahoo, and let them know the handle they can reach you on

That's just your personal details. You then need to let them know your postal address as you'll want to get your cheque sent to the right place.

The next section is the important part of your application.

  • Firstly:

Describe your experience in affiliate marketing. Don’t be short on details here. If you want to, even name drop the people you’ve chatted with in IM forums or courses you’ve taken to get an understanding of the affiliate business. If you’ve used a course focusing on SEO, put that into this area.

You want your account manager to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. The only way for them to help you best, is by knowing what you’re doing for traffic, and monetization currently.

Example: “Studied SEO, which I use frequently on niche websites to generate organic traffic. I’ve also studied with x person, (or course name,) on email marketing/lead generation. Social media I’ve tested on for a small part, but haven’t seen much success. My main strengths are in ____ (whatever your main source of traffic is)

If you haven’t had much experience, then don’t make stuff up. You are going to be getting on the phone with an account manager so any fibbing will be picked up on. Be honest in your application and start your relationship with your account manager on a positive note.

  • Secondly:

How do you currently promote affiliate offers?

This will tie in with your above affiliate marketing knowledge. Are you article marketing, and direct linking via, Weebly, Squidoo or any web 2.0 properties? Or are you building momentum using PPC, Social Media, Forums, List Swaps, and article directories? All driving traffic to your own website, generating leads of your own to promote via email marketing. Perhaps you’re offering reviews on your own domain, or maybe you’ve a general blog where you’ve a page devoted to the latest deals, relevant to your readers?

Whatever you’re doing to promote existing offers, put it into this section.

  • Thirdly:

What type of offers are you looking for?

This is handy for your account manager to know when you’re speaking with them. If you’re looking for an offer in the make money niche, and you’re currently lacking experience, then they’ll be within reason to advise on a different aspect. Promoting something you are familiar with. Perhaps instead of MMO biz opp offers, it would be more suitable to go for free offers, promoting GPT offers. (GPT is short of Get Paid To)

But, if you’re running a website about money management, then applicable offers could be related to coupon deals, survey sites, or the latest credit card deals with 0% interest rates. Put the details in about what you’re ideal offer would be. Your account manager can advise if they have that offer, or something else that they feel may be applicable for your website.

  • Fourthly:

Provide the website URL that you'll be using to promote MaxBounty offers. This will help your account manager relate all the previous information you’ve supplied to this point, helping your rep conclude if there is the possibility of a partnership between you and MaxBounty.

Lastly, you're asked about incentive traffic. In my case, I'm not using any of that, so that's no issue, but if YOU are, then you'll need to disclose this and give details of the incentive you're using.  An example of incentive traffic would be generating traffic from get paid to surf websites, or using bots to inflate your traffic stats. These are no go for most advertisers, as it will increase the likelihood of bad leads, and fraudulent activity. Don't expect approval if you're running this type of traffic generation, but also, don't lie about it either.

There are offers available within MaxBounty, which do allow for incentivised traffic to offers. It just depends on the type of incentive you’re using. Fill out the details here if you are running this type of traffic generation, and then you can discuss things in more detail during the telephone interview. Well, MaxBounty reps call this an interview, but in reality, it’s just a general conversation to get to know each other. It's better for your account manager to know what you're doing to get traffic to offers, so they can assist in finding the right offers that your promotional activities are suitable too.

Remember the motto of affiliate marketing. You’re a matchmaker. Your account manager can help you make the right matches, but you need to be honest with what you tell him or her, or they can’t offer the best advice to help you make that perfect match to earn from CPA offers.

Once you’ve cleared that up, the next part is where you can set up a minimum payment amount.

Options are…

  • $100

  • $150

  • $200

  • $250

  • $500

  • $1000

Personally, I went with the grand as if I do run a campaign, I don't want it affecting this year’s tax bill, unless it's for a decent amount. ;)

They do run your earnings over for you into the next month if you haven’t met the threshold. Then all you do is just tell them where to mail your cheque!

Don't forget to agree to their terms before pressing submit.

Once you hit send, you’ll get a verification email; click the link in that email and you’ll be taken to a second page, which contains the contact details of your allocated affiliate representative. You can either hang around for the rep to call you, but you’re probably best to use your initiative and use the contact details provided.

Besides, when you’re applying for network approval, you want the interview to be on your terms, and not one that has you caught off guard.

Have a cuppa while you list out your main aspects to support your application. Your knowledge of affiliate marketing, the traffic sources, and the types of offers you’re interested in promoting. List those out in notepad or MS Word, dial the number, and just have a casual conversation with your rep. The calmer you are, and able to answer the questions put to you, the more of a chance you’ll stand to be accepted onto the network. Also, take the time to get your questions answered too.

MaxBounty reps are great at customer relations. Any queries you have, just ask. There’s never a silly question, but the person you’re allocated, make an effort when you’re on the call. This isn’t automated. It’s real people, real jobs, and real business relationships you’re building.

The best thing to remember is just to be you, be enthusiastic and nice. These guys are human and that can make it hard to just say no. Be assertive too though. You’re applying for a business account, so if you’re saying eh, uh, erm…dunno, then chances are you’ll come across as someone who isn’t knowledgeable on affiliate marketing. You at least need to know the gist of what you’ll be doing. Your rep is there to help you. Not to hold your hand and build your business for you.

They want people on the network who know their stuff and are willing to put the work in. You earn when the network earns, and no network wants to take on a gazillion inexperienced newbies, with no knowledge of the industry their entering into.

Affiliate marketing training can be found all over the web, so there’s no reason to approach networks without knowledge of how to drive traffic to an offer. Moreover, that really is all you have to do with MaxBounty. Send traffic through your affiliate links to appropriate offers that match the wants/needs of your target audience.

Put the effort in and establish a relationship with your rep. You’ll be working together for a while, creating success with CPA offers.

The background of MaxBounty

It’s always important to know who your partners are in business. With MaxBounty you can be sure you’re in business with a trusted partner, and that you’re going to receive the payments due to you, when they’re due too.

The company was established back in 2004. The founders started out as affiliate marketers themselves back in 1997, when there was little to nowhere for advertisers and publishers to join forces forming a partnership for lead generation.

The platform launched offering the most lucrative CPA offers available, and continually strives to meet their founding philosophies.

Creating profitable relationships for advertisers and publishers, while maintaining the practice of passing on the lion’s share of revenue to the publisher.

You’re paid for your marketing efforts from a platform that truly understands the hard work that goes to creating profitable CPA marketing campaigns.

As one of the highest regarded CPA networks, MaxBounty have thousands of affiliates worldwide, making generous commissions promoting many of the lucrative offers within the network.

Each affiliate is able to be paid weekly, within their own currency, (cutting fees,) and through a variety of payment methods too.

What’s took the network to the successful stage they’re at now?

Superior customer service and offering top-notch support to each of the thousands of affiliate marketers by providing a named account manager to everyone approved.

The reporting features provided on MaxBounty

Note that in the image above, this is a new account set up for the purpose of the review. No campaigns have been run at the time of writing. If they were, the data would be obscured for privacy reasons anyway, so don’t look at the zeros as anything negative. Just put the work in and those zeros won’t be long in disappearing when they’re replaced with actual earnings.

The important reporting stuff is there for you to see at a glance. Each CPA offer you decide to run a campaign on will be named by the offer.

As an example, let’s take one of the offers that’s pre-approved. Most of the survey offers are pre-approved. There’s actually quite a lot of campaigns that affiliates have pre-approved status for. Others you’ll have to apply before you can run the campaign.

If it’s not approved, you’ll see…

If you are, you’ll see…

For this example, we’ve used a survey example. Now before running any campaigns, you need to understand the terms of promotion. You must stick to the approved traffic terms and use the creatives provided as directed.

If a merchant does not allow for social media traffic, you won’t be credited for leads generated through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the likes, as that’s not where the advertiser feel their leads are best qualified. These are stipulated in each offer description.

As you can see from this example, you can’t be using social media to promote the offer, mobile marketing, or incentivising the offer by using get to paid to surf or any form of compensating for leads to the offer.

What you can do with this though is promote it via your own email list, (although ad swaps are generally not allowed), place contextual links on your site, promote through search, such as LeadImpact, or 7 Search or another PPC search engine. Obviously not breaching trademarked terms.

So we know from here what type of promotion we can run. Emails, if we have a list, advertise the offer in paid search, or just go the easy route and promote on our own site.

Before we do that, we want to know more about the offer and find out if it’s a match. Remember the affiliate motto… Matchmaking! Don’t take a dating offer and put in front of a crowd of UFC fighting Xbox live enthusiasts. It’s not gonna convert.

Each offer on MaxBounty gives details of it so you know if it’s right for you, or to give you more details in putting together your CPA offer. It’s up to you, which way you go about picking your offers. The details are there to help you though.

In this example, we’re using Vindale Research group to highlight just one of the offers available that’s pre-approved. When you see DOI, it’s not indicative for a specific area only, limiting your opportunities. It’s abbreviation for Double Opt In.

For a CPA offer using email submits, you can either get qualified leads as single or double opt in. The double means the person registering must confirm their email address. That’s what this offer is, and when they do, you’ll stand to earn $2.00 for that lead.

The description also tells us not to be using Craigslist, survey jump pages, social media, or using i-frames, such as exit pop-ups. When in doubt, refer to the image on the right of the screen to check the crosses and ticks, so you know at a glance what you can and can’t do.

If in doubt, go to your home page, and click the link to contact your affiliate representative, or just pick up the phone.

In this example offer, it’s only qualifying for US based leads, so international traffic, or for sites with traffic coming from other countries, it’s not going to work. If you’re using PPC advertising, be sure and set your target countries or you will run into problems.

For advanced marketers, you do have advance tracking options, which let you add sub IDs to your affiliate links, and you can also use callbacks to analyse your leads more in-depth. This is handy for those who are using paid search as different parameters can be added to your tracking codes, so that when you are paying for traffic, you can find the details of cost per click and get a more detailed overview of your CPC and EPC.

As mentioned, it’s for advanced users, but if you’re paying for traffic to offers, you definitely want to know you’re paying less than what you’re earning, or you’ll be in a downhill battle losing money hand over fist.

This is necessary when you’re using second tier search engines, such as 7 Search as you can find a number of traffic referrers sending unqualified traffic, that you’re paying for with a zero commission earned. Using the advanced tracking features, you can easily sort by Sub IDs, enabling you to blacklist non-performing URLs that’s increasing your advertising expenditure, and producing no returns.

The option is there for marketers to monitor their campaigns closely, but you don’t have to be paying for traffic to earn on MaxBounty. Simple offers on your own domain will work just as well, provided you know how to generate traffic.

If you’re looking for detailed reports, just fill out the advanced tracking options field, otherwise you’re good to go and get your creatives.

  • Creatives

From the drop down menu, just choose what you want to use for promoting the offer.

  • Banners

  • Text Links

  • Solo Emails – HTML

  • Search

  • Contextual

From there, directly below that will update with previews.

For the banners, here’s an example of one that’s ready to go…

You’d click the “get tracking code” link and that’d give you the code to copy and paste into your HTML of your blog post, or webpage, ready to set the ball rolling. When a visitor clicks the banner, they’re taking to the merchant landing page to sign up, so you can earn a commission. On the details page of the offer, you can always preview the landing page.

In this case, the visitor would land on the following page, after clicking the above link…

At that stage, the visitor you referred would put their email address into the form, then in this case as it’s a DOI, (double opt in) you’d earn when the lead is confirmed in the follow up email to confirm the user is a real person signing up. In this case, you’d earn $2 for each person that you send over and subsequently signs up.

The more the merrier!

One of the HUGE benefits of CPA affiliate marketing is that it isn’t that difficult to sell stuff free. That’s what you’re doing. It can be a free survey site, a free trial, or a free product to review, and there’s some sweepstake offers that can work just as well too. There’s a myriad of offers in MaxBounty, leaving you just to find the right one for you.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always look at the home page of the latest offers to become available. This could give you a head start by getting onboard early on.

Each time you log into your MaxBounty account, this is found on your home page. You can see at a glance the latest campaigns to become available, the types of promotional method you can use to drive traffic to the offers, and the earnings per lead, or if it’s a per sale promotion. For the most part, you’ll be seeing commissions per lead, as that’s the bulk of the MaxBounty offers.

Overall ratings of the MaxBounty network

First-class, top-notch, hands down – hard to beat!

Any network that insists on providing customer support to every affiliate, even before they’re approved to be on the network is a company worth taking the time to establish a partnership with.

MaxBounty are there for their affiliates. They’re the lifeblood of the business, driving thousands of visitors to their clients, generating leads, and income for both advertisers and marketers.

The commission structure is high paying on the bulk of their offers and they’re among the rare companies who will actually help you save on your operational costs.

How frustrating do you find it when you have to put up with currency exchange rates, outside the US?

Because the founders of MaxBounty have been affiliate marketers since 1997, they know the problems affiliates encounter. If you’re in the UK, you’re earning 0.60p per $1 USD earned. That’s the equivalent of having to settle for 40% less because online tends to operate in US currency. When you are paid, the bank takes the chunk of it in foreign exchange rates. With MaxBounty you don’t have that problem. You simply request your earnings to be made out to you in your own currency and cut out the conversion fees from the bank.

Payments are made weekly, and thresholds can be set for a minimum $100 USD payout.

The core strengths lie with the support MaxBounty offer YOU as their affiliate, and partner in business. If you’re after a reputable network, who pay on time, and support you to make the most out of your campaigns, then you cannot and will not go wrong with MaxBounty.

Their slogan is true to the way they conduct business.

“Your Home for the Best in Cost Per Action Marketing”


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