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Chris Farrell Membership


If you’ve been exploring the concept of making money online, and haven’t heard of Chris Farrell, you must have been researching the topic wrong.

Chris Farrell is one of the “PROCLAIMED” experts in the world of building an online residual income, so in true honour of that, we’ve taken to the course of putting it under the microscope and see how it fares to the competition.

Surprisingly, it really doesn’t have any competition.


The funny thing with the Chris Farrell Membership is that on one hand, you have the expert teaching you from the very basic foundations of the business, and then taking it to the next level.

The reason it was refreshingly surprising though is when it comes to advanced areas, such as SEO. I think it’s fair to say, that’s not Chris’s scene. He’s a Facebook dude. He’s a marketing expert at driving traffic to wherever he wants his raving fans to go to.

He doesn’t try to know everything there is, but he does know the people who help him in his business, and that’s all part of the training you get access too.


You have people like:

  • James Dyson contributing your themes to design your sites

  • Ian Bass contributing a lead magnet blueprint

  • Chris Mercer – Your expert in WordPress


In addition, of course, the excellent, down to earth, and understandable non-tech teachings of Chris Farrell himself, getting you off the ground with a flying start.

Training advances from the basics and takes you into Search engines, Facebook, Giveaways etc.

Crazy as it sounds about giving stuff away to make money online; it is something Chris teaches well. Giving away products brings people signing up to an email list.

In a nutshell, the training is pretty much…

“Email Marketing”

That’s the foundations you’ll be building upon, to generate your own list of prospects, ready to convert into a loyal list of customers.

If you’ve heard the saying, “the money is in the list,” Chris is the guy to show you how to extract the profits – Ethically.

Not something a typical list-building course will consist of.  

Forget the tech stuff involved. It’s only copy and paste. That really is it bolted down to the fundamentals. In fact, there’s even a section inside the Chris Farrell Membership that even teaches how to copy and paste.


It really is training for anyone. That’s one of the things that the program gained momentum with, as anyone, regardless of their technical knowhow, can build an online business.

How does one get to this stage?

By learning through action

Part of your introduction is about getting to know your mentor. That’s what Chris is. A mentor for those who want to get started making money online, as all his videos work towards that goal.

In the introduction series of videos, there’s a link that takes you over to Chris’s early blog. That’s a documentation of the first 200 days study to learn the ropes his self.

On that subject, when you do reach that section, be sure that when you click the big sign below

Right click to open in a new window. It’s a resource documenting the first 200 days online and you could spend a while reading through the trials and tribulations. Eventually, as time goes on, you may find yourself logging off your computer, kicking back on the sofa and turning on the laptop.

The system uses a protection to stop password sharing, so you will have to log out. That’s something Chris discusses in the introduction section, is to remember to log out.

If you visit the blog, it’s set to open in the same window, so…

Chris: "target=_"blank" ← would help

Members: Right click, open in new tab

That’s the only hiccup there was regarding the technical side of the site. No other hiccups and everyone runs seamlessly.

The one thing that adds a nice touch is the personal greetings you get. The site is coded to greet you in your training at each stage with the name you signed up using. So be sure that you use your real name, or something you’d like to be called. Usernames like “lifelong doubter” won’t be beneficial to you.

You’ll be greeted with…

“Hey Selfless-Doubter,

Ready for day 23 of your 10 minutes to success?

Let’s get right to it…”

You’ll probably agree it’s best to use your real name, as that would be discouraging to see the above. You’ve perhaps seen similar names in marketing forums where people doubt that it’s possible to make money online. It affects your mindset, and that affects your marketing.

On that note, check out the section for “shattering the myth” in the tools and resources area. That’s where Chris gets you motivated and helps you out of the stages of doubt.

Inspirational to say the least.


From the trials, errors and what some would say downright failures, came the knowledge that Chris had a knack for teaching the wealth of knowledge he gained in those first 200 days online.

A specific way of teaching that’s better than most courses can ever do. A technique that uses a KISS philosophy.

Every heard of a KISS? (c’mon – business terms)

  • Keep

  • It

  • Simple

  • Stupid


The magic number of 3

Just in the initial fast start training, the number of times the number three came up was…

3 times!

Unsure if this was deliberate, but I guess it’s one of Chris’s lucky lotto numbers. If it’s not it should be.

Let’s look at the Three, Threes of CFM

3 Steps to success

  1. Find a profitable niche

  2. Build a list

  3. Product recommendations

3 Tools you need

  1. Domain name

  2. Hosting

  3. Autoresponder

3 Page website

  1. Squeeze page

  2. Thank-you page

  3. Download page


Ironically, statistics show that only 3% of people trying to make money online actually succeed, while the others drop out, considering it a failure on their part, or turning to blame others.

Pity really, when all it takes is a little KISS approach.

Setting the whole process up to work for you, rather than you working for others.

Work smarter – not harder!

So that’s the threes of the Chris Farrell Membership, which covers training on each of them and beyond.

The teachings that’s contributed to Chris Farrell Membership being voted #1 Online Business Service for 3 consecutive years. (2011 | 2012 | 2013) there’s that three again ;)

Learn more from Chris Himself Here

A look at your first crash course money making training

Before you can make any money online, you need to know the fundamentals of how you’re going to get to where you want to be. This is a unique part of the training as a member, you are given a full campaign already done for you, right from the start.

The reason for that is, without knowing your niche is profitable, researching and learning, you’re multi-tasking.

Chris’s approach to teaching you doesn’t have you juggling different lessons. You just follow along with Chris at your own pace, and everything is there for you.

You start with a profitable niche.

The pages are loaded up for you, and you have a theme included as well.


The theme is actually a lighter version of one of the most widely used premium themes by some of the leading prolific marketers online.

You know those product launches that use Optimize Press? Perhaps not.

Anyway, Optimize Press is a premium WordPress theme, developed by James Dyson. Copies sell for $97. The version you get in CFM is a lighter version of that same theme.

It’s one of the most powerful, and in some ways for beginners, the light version will probably be better. It has tons of templates you can use to customise the site to your personal preference, and that of your target audience.

The teaching of Chris Farrell is to show you how to set up simple websites, designed for one purpose.

  • Lead Generation

Collecting the email addresses of your prospects, letting you promote your products regularly by building a relationship with each person who signs up to your list.

The tools you need are all included.


A word of caution though.

The OPLite version is compatible with the free hosting provided to all full paying members of CFM. It can’t be used with any other hosting provider.

This is something you should pay attention to any membership service you work with. When you get hosting included in your membership fees, what’s going to happen in the event you cancel?

Your website hosting will cancel with it.

So there’s a sort of balance here that you’ll need to figure out for yourself.

  1. Do you want to tie your website into a membership-hosting site?

If you take the cheaper route to starting out, you’ll need to know about transferring your hosting. The team at CFM are extremely helpful, but to ask for assistance leaving the site would probably make you a bit embarrassed.

You can always outsource this if need be, but just be aware of the additional costs if you don’t know how to transfer website files.

Maybe not though, as the team are genuinely helpful in any way they can be of assistance.

Either way, a cancellation, cancels your hosting and membership. The price while free and cost saving to paying members, isn’t available to members on the free 7-day trial, as it is an expensive service to offer each customer.

  1. If you host your sites yourself, outside of CFM…

You don’t have the ability to use the light version of Optimize Press, which is free to CFM members, and for the same theme, you would have a one-time fee of $97, plus monthly hosting expenses.

The choice is one that you’ll have to consider.

That’s the only real questions you should ask yourself going forward, but in the short term to get started, the free hosting will let you get your first campaign, in a profitable niche, live online, ready for sending traffic to.

Click here and claim your TRAINING PASS to wealth!

The Fundamentals that get you started

The first month of training is all laid out for to get you started with a live marketing campaign set up, after 30 days. Although, if you’re training full-time, you might get through this faster. Just be sure to understand it.

This is your 10 minutes to success training

In this video series, delivered over 31 videos, you’re taken over the shoulder with Chris, showing you what to do to get your campaign working for you.

You’re provided with everything done for you.

  • Email copy

  • Website pages

  • Theme

The only thing you need to do is get yourself an autoresponder.

The rest of the training shows you how to connect it altogether.

Everything demonstrated in the 10 minutes to success series, can be developed on to further market your site. You’re into a profitable market, with the email follow up sequence ready for traffic.

The aim isn’t about you having a money machine set up though. It’s about holding your attention as you put the campaign together, demonstrating to you what you can do. Once you have your first site up and running, ready to receive traffic, you have two options to choose from.


Where to go from here?


If you don’t know a niche you want to enter, then there’s a done for you section where there’s existing campaigns similar to the first one you set up.

The second choice is for those who know their niche.

If you have a niche in mind, then you need to know if it’s profitable for you.

Further training is provided to guide you into research methods to use so you can identify a profitable niche, letting you go in with your eyes open. There’s nothing going to be worse than building a list in a niche full of information seekers and non-buyers.

You need to know people are buying and that’s part of the training included in CFM.

When you know your niche has products you can recommend for a commission, you can set up a new campaign, using the skills you’ll have learned from your first month.

Skills learned:

  • Getting your domain name

  • Forwarding to name servers

  • Installing WordPress

  • Changing Theme

  • Customisations

  • Adding pages

  • Adding Optin forms

  • Setting up the email sequence

That’s the tech stuff you’ll learn and the further training covers the advanced stuff to elevate your business to a new height.

Start your first profitable marketing campaign with Chris here

Continuing through the training, there’s areas for different skills, from the most basic to some seriously advanced traffic generation techniques. Most the techniques are free and there are some super neat methods that you don’t hear much about, around all the noise about attracting visitors to your website.

Here’s a clue though. Old methods are tried, tested and the most reliable. Classified ads, forum marketing and social bookmarking, are just a few of the tools Chris will show you how to use to market your site, effectively, and efficiently.

Some tools are recommended to help with this, but you can do things manually.  

The specific skills section is a neat way to lead you into the further afield aspects of marketing.

  • Beginning with the introduction

  • Then onto the basic skills

  • Flowing into you actually creating your first website

As you continue along you’ll move into the Facebook arena, then learn about neat stuff you can do in WordPress. This is mainly a walk around inside your dashboard, showing what buttons do what, ensuring you can update your site, and have it looking and feeling the way you want it too. From the main posts, to setting your widgets.

A further section on WordPress Plus goes into advanced stuff you can do with WordPress, such as adding audio files to your website.

Of course, whenever you do anything with your site, you need to know what’s going in the backend of it. That’s where you cPanel training comes in handy. Not that you’re going to need to know much about the back end of it as you’ll be working mainly within the WordPress dashboard, so the only real part you’ll need to know about is adding on new domains, and obtaining your nameservers.

That said, there’s a lot more you can do inside of cPanel and that’s where Jeff Hope comes in with some expert guest training on the inner workings of your control panel, explaining what parts in your cPanel do what to your site.

  • Security

  • Software services

  • Databases

  • Password protection for your download pages

  • Banning IPs from posting comments on your site


The tools to help you progress

Some of these products are free to use, while others are paid products that serve to make life a little easier and therefore more enjoyable.

A little goes a long way, as they say.

Getting the Traffic to your site

This is where your Chris Farrell Membership Training is going to tip the scales in your favour. Traffic is the backbone of any web business. Without people finding you, you cannot build a list of prospects, let alone try to sell a product.

You need prospects to sell your products too. Or recommend affiliate products for those who don’t create their own products. (If you fancy being a product creator, there’s training there for that. After all, Chris does that himself, so why not teach it to you)



All those types of traffic generation are mostly free. Article marketing isn’t just about directories either. It covers multiplying your traffic from the one article, with some simple tweaks made to it.

Not only about how it’s done, but how to brainstorm ideas, coming up with a unique angle that solves people’s problems, and has them intrigued to use your link, land on your squeeze page and sign up.

Take that power to other areas online, where people are glad to publish it on their networks, and you have yourself a powerful marketing tool, working continuously for you.

To ensure it is, Chris is there showing you how he writes his articles, brainstorms and distributes preloaded newsletters with a couple of days on content creation, in order to pack value into newsletters to induce a viral effect. That’s only for serious content that serves you a lifetime when you load it into your autoresponder. Basic posts is all about having the right amount of research, loading your brain up with knowledge of what your target audience are looking for information about. Then you research the answers, and solve their problems.


Keep It Simple, Stupid…

Work Smart and Not Hard

Click here to hear from Chris himself

How CFM Stacks Up

It’s fair to say Chris deserves his voting of being #1 Online Business Service for 3 consecutive years running, and long may it continue. The training is second to none and covers everything in an understandable way that can be followed along by anyone.

5* Internet Marketing Training

For the right individual with the right mindset of working online, this will be a membership to help you reach your goals.

This training is realistic. It’s not an opportunity to jump on some fad. The training is real, Chris is as real as people get, and he’s reachable for support.

Not only do you get the training to succeed online, you get access to some of the best tools to help you do it. Such as tying in your Facebook fan page to your WordPress website with the use of the supplied Fan Page Daddy plugin exclusive for students of Chris Farrell.

You get all the training you’ll need to make a real start at a profitable business venture, with the support of Chris and his team behind you, as well as an active community forum to be a part of, keeping your spirits lifted when the going gets tough.

There will be some tough breaks along the way, but that’s to be expected with any business venture.


On a final note, when you do join Chris @ CFM, be sure that you stick with the layout of the training centre.

It’s structured to follow along with and not a playground like some places can be. Below each video, you’ll see the image there on the right. That will take you to the next part of the training in a sequence.

Having wandered into a different area, it revealed confusion. Upon revising the training and going back to the sequence it was comprehensible. Follow along from the introduction series, onto the 10 minutes to success, then onto your specific skills training. From there, you can carry on to the tools and resources that are there to help you achieve your goals.

After you’ve been through those stages of your training, you’ll have your site set up, with a follow up email sequence ready to send traffic to, and that’s when to look into the traffic section.

There’s no point in driving traffic to a site that isn’t complete, ready to attract prospects and convert people into loyal customers. Those people will be the cornerstone of your business.

When you learn from Chris Farrell, you get the training in a structure you need to know, so that when you learn to drive the traffic to your site, you’ll be making money online, from the time you spent learning.

On that note:

You can use this link to go meet Chris Farrell yourself

Watch the video as the conversational tone you hear on that page, is the exact conversational teaching style used in CFM to talk to you, teaching you the ropes of internet marketing.

The all important pricing of Chris Farrell Membership

No review is complete without letting you know about the cost the training will have on your budget.


Option 1: Go to CFM here and simply enter your best email address to access free introductory training.

The free option to get you started, doesn’t take you inside CFM though. It’s a crash course on what the training centre will teach you.

This teaches you the steps to success in this business, and consists of 5 videos covering the following:

  1. Introduction

  2. The Process

  3. The Tools

  4. The one Golden Rule

  5. What do I do now

After you watch those videos, (at time of writing), you can access 7 days for a $1 trial.

  • The full trial offer for 7 days at $1 (usually $4.95)

The full membership price is monthly and priced at $37 pm.


However, this is a genuine business opportunity and just like any business, you do have start up costs, so while the training is priced at $37, you will need to factor in your operational expenses.

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 tools you’ll need.

Those are

  1. A domain name

  2. A hosting account

  3. An Autoresponder

  • A domain can cost from $3 to $10 per year

  • Hosting can cost around $10 - $35 on average per month (free hosting included in CFM)

  • An Autoresponder… the one that’s recommended and taught within CFM costs $19 per month, after a $1 trial for 30 days.

When you take your operational costs and your membership fees, you have a breakdown of the following

  • Training $37

  • Domain name: $5 annual

  • Hosting: $10 (optional as free hosting is provided from Chris Farrell)

  • Autoresponder: $1 for first 30 days, and $19 thereafter

Total start up cost: $61 per month

There is an option within CFM for members to access a discount of 30% through AWeber, but it’s exclusive to CFM members. Chris will explain that himself as his sweet deal that’s in place. Rest assured, you don’t find this type of discount in any other membership-training site. At time of writing anyway.

Overall, when you factor in the cost of training, combined with all the tools you need to succeed in an online business venture, you won’t get cheaper than starting out with a budget under $70 per month.  

Looking over statistics Chris has for his affiliate program, we can see that the average retention rate is about 9 months. After that, people generally know what to do to succeed. Some will act on the training they receive, while others may find it’s not for them. Only 2% of sales results in cancellations, so it’s one of the lowest refund rates in the IM training sector, which contributes to the training being voted the #1 Online Business Service.

For those who are serious action takers and not information seekers, Chris Farrell Membership will show you not only how to make money online, but give you all the training you need to build a business with longevity, from the ground up.

Go in with your eyes open, ready to start an online business and ensure you have the mindset for starting a genuine business. This isn’t one of those fly through it, learn a couple of neat tricks, and then do my own thing, type of course.

Chris is there to teach you the business and not the tricks you can do online for short-term profits.

The reason the retention rate is mentioned, is that you cannot learn everything there is in one sitting. Taking the average membership of 9 months, priced at $37 monthly, gives an indication of a single entry price point. If it takes you 9 months to build your business, the training would cost on average $333. Fortunately, it’s priced at a level most can afford for a genuine business start up, with a monthly recurring system.

Taking action on the training will see that return come back tenfold. Only for action takers though. If you only absorb the training, and don’t take the action to reach success, you won’t make anything.

Put the effort in. Invest in yourself, and the tools you need (Autoresponder and domain), Chris’s team set your hosting up for you, saving you on that monthly cost and give you all the other tools you need, including profitable niches done for you, and training to find your own.

Only one question remains…

Are you ready to start your very own online business?

Go meet Chris here, watch, listen and get to know the man who will teach you how to reach your full potential


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Chris Farrell Membership - Overview

Chris Farrell Membership

Member's grade =
Price: $37/m



Taking action on the training will see that return come back tenfold. Only for action takers though. If you only absorb the training, and don’t take the action to reach success, you won’t make anything.

Put the effort in. Invest in yourself, and the tools you need (Autoresponder and domain), Chris’s team set your hosting up for you, saving you on that monthly cost and give you all the other tools you need, including profitable niches done for you, and training to find your own.

Only one question remains…

Are you ready to start your very own online business?

Go meet Chris here, watch, listen and get to know the man who will teach you how to reach your full potential