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Enom Review - Is it a Good Registrar?

The domain registrar site eNom was founded in Kirkland, Washington back in 1997. It operated for years as a wholesale business and also operates additional sites and The site was one of original businesses acquired in order to form Demand Media. By March of 2008 the site had 99,000 resellers. Later in 2008 according to the New York Times, eNom blocked access to several domains that were owned by an unknown European travel company that advertised services to Cuba in relation to the United States embargo against Cuba. The company was also listed in April 2013 as the #1 registrar containing spam registered domains on URIBL, but every domain registrar including GoDaddy, NameCheap, NetworkSolutions, 1&1 and have their share of spam domains registered. The eNom registrar service once held the spot as #1 domain registrar service, which is currently held by GoDaddy.


The Product


Similar to the services offered of its competitors, eNom offers domain registrar, hosting, email services, security products, optimization tools, a resellers program, and now the highly popular TLD’s. Anyone can create a website through eNom which features a shopping cart for checkout. They can also find it easy to transfer, renew, or create domains. If you’re searching for ppc management, that’s available through eNom as well. Services offered through eNom have been rated highly for quality both past and present.


Target Group

The target group is those looking to jumpstart their own online ventures through use of just one site. Those who are looking to create online stores would definitely benefit from the services offered. ENom has something for everyone to take advantage of, including their reseller service.


Main Benefits

  • Quality domain registrar services

  • Additional beneficial services such as hosting and email

  • Professional website

  • Ease of navigation around the site

  • Wide range of featured TLDs

  • Accept 5 forms of payment



As you can see from the above screenshot, prices to register a domain start at $13.95 for .net, .org, and .biz. For .TV its $29.95, .co is $24.95, .pw $20.00 and the remainders fall in at $15.95. In comparisons to other domain registrar prices such as that of GoDaddy and NameCheap, eNom is rather costly. Premium domains would also be costly, some running well over $2000. Web hosting services are fairly priced, starting at $4.88 per month with 20 GB storage and a 200 GB monthly storage plan for the basic plan. Additional services like email and security can be looked upon as higher or lower depending on what suits you. Mail hosting service built for retailers was listed as low as $0.03 per day, that’s one service definitely worth looking into besides just domain registering. TLDs can also be pre-ordered, but we’re guessing the prices would not be affordable for those just starting out in their online ventures.


Customer Support

Interested parties can submit support tickets and wait for response, or call the 800# featured boldly on the actual website. The FAQ section is also information filled, you just might find the answer to your question without having to make a call or await support ticket response. We were not able to locate the popular online live chat feature several domain registrar companies feature that would have been more helpful. In terms of customer support, and considering the wait time for calling the 800#, eNom customer service is average. Not highly impressive, but if you can reach someone the reps are quite professional.


  • TLDs

  • Domain Registrar, transfer, renewing

  • Additional beneficial services

  • Integration

  • Professional


  • Customer service not impressive

  • You have to keep jumping through several pages for prices

  • Pricing is higher than several other domain registrar services



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Enom Review - Overview

Enom Review - Is it a Good Registrar?

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Price: Varies

Overall verdict: B

We feel that eNom has always been highly rated, although they’ve picked up the award for #1 spammers registered. Millions of people who are able to afford the pricing on some services currently use this website, so its popularity hasn’t worn off too much. If you’re looking for quality services, you’ll find it here. But if you’re looking for cheap pricing, that just depends on what services interest you. Customer service could use some improvement, but maybe we’ve spoiled ourselves with the online chat features some sites feature. This is a domain registrar service which has been in business for a very long time, and chances are they could possibly regain their status as #1. If you have the cash to spend, we’d recommend them as being a great choice, but for something more affordable you’d find that at GoDaddy or NameCheap.